Plato’s Women

Moderator’s foreword

The blog is a post-modern tool well suited to re-enact a typical Platonic dialogue: someone speaks, someone responds. Basic human interaction, really. Throw a concept or a question out there and see what transpires. Alas, how progressive was Plato when it came to women?

So combining the creative and intertextual possibilities inherent in the web, along with the potential inspired by this New Yorker cartoon, I’ve attempted to involve a multitude of voices (most long departed from this mortal coil) and include what they’ve said on the subject of Plato’s women. To do so assumes the ‘afterlife’ has an Internet connection!

The moderator, not the author (because he or she is dead), has exerted some creative license in the segues between various contributors in an attempt to retain a narrative thread throughout. Attributions for contributors (either living or dead), have all been sourced online, Flarf style, and documented in the Bibliography. Unless otherwise stated, comments attributed to Plato are sourced from Moor, 2007.

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Grant Doyle, May, 2008.

Plato bio, Encyclopedia Channel, (6:50 playing time)